Field Work
Sierra de Bachourco Cachote 2007
During the field trip to Sierra de Bahoruco in June
of 2007, the Bryodome team sought to collect samples from four mesohabitats: a cloud forest, a riparine ecosystem, a palm forest, and a coffee plantation. In the photo at right, the Bryodome team – lead by Co PI’s Dimaris Acosta Mercado, Inés Sastre de Jesus, and Carlos Santos Flores – stand in front of the Cachote Field Station in Sierra de Bahoruco.
Sierra de Neiba 2008

During the field trip to Sierra de Neiba in June of 2008, professors and students from the Bryodome team sought to contrast the biodiversity of the region through the collection of bryophytes, and invertebrate samples.


Here, Ricardo Colón and colleagues established belt transects and collect microcrustaceans and other invertebrates from a plant known as a Pajonal. Below, Mervin Pérez collects rare bryophyte species through an exhaustive floristic habitat sampling.





This project was funded by NSF Award DEB 0640057

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Project leaders:
  • Dimaris Acosta
  • Inés Sastre De Jesús
  • Carlos Santos
  • Ramiro Vidal
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