Peer Reviewed Publications

Sastre-De Jesús., I., M. Pérez Pérez, and A. Motito Marin. 2010. Mosses of the
Dominican Republic: species catalogue, elevation distribution and floristic
affinities. Harvard Papers in Botany 15(2): 415-446.

Amoeba Raw Data

Microcrustaceans Data

Other materials prepared

Bryophyte herbarium at MAPR

Guía de campo ilustrada: algunas formas de vida en briofitos ( An Illustrated Field Guide of Common Bryophyte Life Forms in Tropical Cloud Forests)



This project was funded by NSF Award DEB 0640057

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Project leaders:
  • Dimaris Acosta
  • Inés Sastre De Jesús
  • Carlos Santos
  • Ramiro Vidal
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